Trick - or - treat

 October came and went so quickly! It has been so amazing to see how God continues to move on campus and I am so excited to tell you more about it, but first I wanted to make sure to thank all of you! Your support and prayers mean so much to me!

October Recap

This month, I feel like we have finally settled into a schedule and we now have a sense of normalcy in what our week-to-week lives look like. Most weeks, for me, are filled with classes, FOJs, core, Friday Night Fellowship, and lots of time with students. I can honestly say that I have deeply enjoyed it all! It has been incredible to see how God has moved in the lives of all of the students that I meet with and I cannot wait to see what He does throughout the rest of this year! 

Yard Signs

One of the teams that I get to be a part of this year is called the Blitz team. This team is in charge of putting out our yard signs that advertise our events all throughout campus. This semester, we also added signs on campus that have scriptures on them that are different sayings of Jesus from Mark. These signs have not been well received and have been subjected to all sorts of vandalism and destruction. I originally was pretty discouraged by this, but upon thinking and praying about it am actually really encouraged that people are actually getting to read the words of Jesus and are having a reaction to them because it means that it is actually stirring something up in their heart. Would you join me in praying that people would begin to see Jesus on campus and that this seed would bear good fruit? I am excited to continue to see what God is doing in the hearts and lives of students that we are yet to meet and those who are currently involved in our ministry! 


Focus on Jesus, or FOJ, is our one-on-one bible study that we ask each of our students if they would like to do. I did FOJ as a freshman with both of my core leaders and it made an immeasurable impact on the way that I was able to understand and connect with the bible. This semester, I am studying FOJ with six girls and each one has taught me so much about following Jesus and leaning into His word. I often feel like they are teaching me way more than I am teaching them! Through FOJ, I feel like I have gotten to see how God is moving in ways that are much bigger than I understand. One of my girls this past week was telling me how she has started to see how God is beginning to change her heart to look more like his! Isn’t that incredible? Yay God! FOJ, I feel, is much more than just a way to learn more about the bible, but is a launching pad for getting to know Jesus more intimately and getting to connect with each other more personally. Would you pray that my girls continue to lean on Jesus and for the rest of their semester?

Trunk - or - Treat

Each year I have been involved in FOCUS, other than our COVID year, we have done some form of a Halloween Dance Party after Friday Night Fellowship the Friday prior to Halloween. These have always been fun, but as we began to approach Halloween, I began thinking about how we could do something different. I was talking to a student about it and he suggested doing a trunk-or-treat and I decided to pitch it! We ended up doing it last friday, and I think it was so much fun! A bunch of our cores decorated their trunks and passed out candy. We also had rock painting, a candy guessing game, costume contest, and a photo hunt. It had a lot of moving parts and I could not have done it without the student’s help, but I would say it was a success! The students seemed to have fun trick-or-treating from car to car and just getting to hang out together. Things like this make my job so much fun!

Thanks again for joining me in ministry this year and for being so supportive of all that God is doing at UTD! Your prayers and support have allowed me to get to meet with so many students, hear their stories, and ultimately get to show them what college in community can look like! 

Until next time,

Jessica :)

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